Cookware Re-coating

Cookware Re-coating

Australian Non-stick Coatings now offers Re-coating of Cookware item.

No matter what part of the country you are in, you just pack and post to us, and we post back to you!

We have a specific coating available to us that meets the requirements of all types of domestic cookware products.

Our Cookware coating is:

  • FDA Approved for Direct Food Contact
  • PFOA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe

We can coat all types of domestic cookware items, including the following:

  • Saucepans and Pots
  • Casserole Dishes
  • Frypans
  • Oven Trays
  • Oven Pans
  • Rice Cooker Bowls
  • BBQ Plates

Basic Pricing

Up to 2.0 lt – $35.00
2.1 – 3.0 lt $40.00
3.1 – 4.0 lt $45.00

Casserole Dishes
Up to 3.0 lt $40.00
3.1 – 5.0 $45.00
5.1 – 7.0lt $55.00
7.1 – 9.0lt $65.00
9.1 – 11.0lt $70.00

Up to 24cm $35.00
24 – 32cm $45.00
32cm and above $55.00

All Prices Include GST
For pricing on items not listed, or to enquire about discounts for multiple items, head to our Contact Us page and send an email to our Quotes team.

Please Note:

  1.  Any handles that can be removed must be removed prior to sending or delivering to us. If these are left for us to remove we do not accept any liability for damaged or lost items.
  2. Due to the high temperatures that Teflon is cured at, any Plastic, Rubber or Silicone that is present in non removeable handles WILL melt, and we do not accept liability for any damaged/melted items.