Teflon Re-coating

Teflon Recoating in Melbourne Serving All of Australia

Whilst Australian Non-stick Coatings are specialists in the application of Teflon coatings to a wide range of new items and equipment, we also specialise in the stripping of old Teflon coatings and the re-application of a new Teflon coating.

The re-coating process is between 10 – 30% more expensive than the coating of new items, however, this extra cost more than out weighs the cost of replacing the entire item.

Most items can be re-coated, with the most popular being:

  • Cookware (We only re-coat a limited amount of cookware items)
  • Tray Sealing Plates and Sealing Bars/Jaws
  • HDPE/PE Butt Welder Heater Plates
  • Industrial Knives and Blades


For more information on our range of Teflon coatings and other services, to discuss how our coatings and services can assist your business and processes, or to receive a quote for the Teflon coating or re-coating of your items, please head to our CONTACT US page to select how you would like to contact us.