HDPE/Plastic Butt Fusion Welding

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Butt fusion welding is the name given to hot plate welding of thermoplastic pipes. It is one of two main techniques for the fusion joining of polyethylene gas and water pipes.

Australian Non-stick Coatings has quickly become the Teflon coating company of choice in Australia for many major suppliers of New and Hire Butt Fusion Welding equipment, including Butt Welder Heater Plates, Fusion Saddles and Socket Welders Irons

There are 2 specific Teflon coatings that we use for these applications, as these have been proven to be the best performing Teflon coatings when welding plastic products.

We specialise in the stripping and re-coating of all types, sizes and thicknesses of Butt Welder Heater Plates, including all sizes from McElroy machines, and re-coating using the same OEM Teflon.

HDPE/Plastic Butt Fusion Welding

Our range of Teflon coatings includes PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE Teflons, including FDA approved Teflons for direct food contact applications.